Club Lafleur offers a truly unique tasting experience that allows patrons and members access to dozens of flavors in our sleek and modern lounge. Our menu features a variety of flavors from the world's top genetics, curated by our expert staff and crew. Come indulge in our one-of-a-kind offerings and experience the Club Lafleur vibe.

Club Lafleur

Savor Every Sip

Dozens of Exotic Flavors.

Discover new flavors from the top genetics around the world with our truly one of a kind tasting experience, guided by our expert tenders who will provide insights into the different flavor profiles and aromas that will experience. Cutting edge technology provides an easy and tasty opportunity so socialize with your friends.

Unique Tasting Experience

Breathe in Freshness at Club Lafleur! Dive deep into rejuvenation at our exclusive Oxygen Bar. Sip purity, experience invigoration, and elevate your senses. Pure relaxation waits for you.

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Highly Curated Menus

Experience Curated Elegance at Club Lafleur. Delve into our meticulously crafted menus, each item handpicked for the discerning enthusiast. Discover, savor, and celebrate the finest selections, exclusively at Club Lafleur.

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Cutting Edge Equipment

Innovate Your Experience at Club Lafleur. Elevate every moment with our cutting-edge devices, merging modern technology with timeless indulgence. Step into the future of flavor, and taste like no other place only at Club Lafleur.

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Expertly Trained Staff

Experience Mastery at Club Lafleur. Our expertly trained staff seamlessly blend knowledge and passion, ensuring every interaction is nothing short of extraordinary. Immerse your pallet in excellence, only at Club Lafleur.

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Something For Everyone

Explore how you want.

Stop & Smell The Flowers

Embark on a sensory journey as you explore the intricate notes and rich aromas of our handpicked selections. Pause, indulge, and savor nature's bouquet, exclusively at Club Lafleur.

Sit Back & Relax

Sit Back & Relax at Club Lafleur. Find your oasis of calm amidst the hustle. Dive into unparalleled comfort, let the ambiance envelop you, and let go in our luxurious haven. Your serene escape, only at Club Lafleur.

Exceptional Pairings

Every corner of our world holds unique flavors, scents, and stories. At Club Lafleur, we've embarked on a journey to bring these global treasures right to your table. Under the "Exceptional Pairings" banner, we present handpicked, exotic snacks from across the continents, each pre-packaged to retain its authentic essence and allure. We invite you to taste the globe, savoring combinations that echo the myriad of aromas and tastes that Club Lafleur celebrates. With every bite and sip, travel the world, discovering harmonies that resonate with our core – an ode to the unparalleled richness of the flavors and aromas of fun that lie within our world.

Expand Your Horizons

At Club Lafleur, every visit is an opportunity to step outside the ordinary. Expand Your Horizons and dive deep into a realm where flavors and aromas transcend boundaries. Our meticulously curated offerings invite you to explore, challenging preconceptions and opening doors to new sensory experiences. From the rich tapestry of aromas that greet you at the door to the symphony of tastes awaiting discovery, Club Lafleur is more than a lounge; it's a journey. So, immerse yourself, challenge your senses, and let us guide you to new horizons. Because at Club Lafleur, the familiar becomes the extraordinary.

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A Night to Remember.

Club Lafleur provided us with a unique and unforgettable tasting experience. The flavors, exotic snacks, and entertainment were all top-notch. We can't wait to come back! - Richard Miller